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Sep 10

Books for Mighty Girls

We’ve been hitting the library in search of books with kickass heroines, because Disney shouldn’t have a monopoly on roll models. AMIRITE? Anyway, we’ve found some fabulous narratives with the help of the website A Mighty Girl , which has lists of books featuring Independent Princesses and Mighty Girls of every ilk. So far we’ve loved Cinder Edna, The Apple-Pip Princess, and Dangerously Ever After. The Paper Bag Princess has long been one of my favorites. In addition to providing J brave, wise, self confident female characters to look up to, I’ve been getting ideas for picture books I want to write.
“But Ciara,” you say, “haven’t you been posting on your picture-books-in-progress?”
I’m completely sleep deprived and I have nursing brain. I can barely do the copy edits on the final novel I’m contracted for for my publisher in New York. I BARELY REMEMBER MY OWN NAME.
True story.
Eventually, friends, this blog will once again shine with writing awesomeness. Until then, picture me reading.


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