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Dec 18

Christmas Tree Star tutorial

Last week we got our Christmas tree from Boy Scout Troop 100, as my parents have done for years before me. Prince Charming and I will have been married for nine years come New Year’s Eve, but we’ve only been putting up a tree since we moved back to Seattle. It’s one of those traditions that I love, but that twenty-somethings-living-in-apartments rarely do. Fortunately we inherited two boxes of ornaments from Ryan’s childhood, so we were all set once we decided to deck our own halls. One thing missing was a tree topper. When I draw Christmas trees, I’ve always drawn a yellow star on top. The ornaments and lights change, but the star has always been the crowning jewel, despite not having one in real life. With a little felt, stuffing, and yarn, my Christmas tree is now perfect.

One of the coolest things about holidays year is that J is old enough to participate. We’ve had great fun introducing her to Saint Lucia, Frosty the Snowman, creches, Christmas lights, and eggnog. She really enjoyed picking out and decorating the tree with us, and begged for her own tree in her room.

J: Daddy, I want a pink tree!
Daddy: Anything you want, Princess.
Me: And next he’ll buy you a pony!

Ryan’s brother was in town for the week, and he helped J decorate her tree pink, as requested. I made a tree topper for her too, pink, of course. I like to make things up as a go along. Here it is, my first tutorial. Please comment if you have questions.

Christmas Tree Star Tutorial


  • yellow felt (or pink)
  • spare yarn (or thick tapestry thread)
  • tapestry needle
  • cotton batting


  1. Take two equal sized pieces of felt and fold in half.
  2. Trace half a star along the fold, so that when it is unfolded you will have two identical symmetrical stars. You can be a perfectionist about this and make each star point the same size, but I think a little asymmetry looks better for this kind of ornament.
  3. Cut out your 2 felt stars.
  4. Thread your tapestry needle.
  5. Sew stars together, making each stitch about 1/4 inch. I looped around the outside edge every other stitch: over, under, out and back through same hole; over, under, out; repeat. Make sure you leave enough space at the bottom for a hole to a) stuff and b) fit on the top tree branch.
  6. When you’ve gone all the way around the star once, turn around and fill in the remaining stitches (over, under, over, under) back through your same stitch holes. Don’t forget to leave enough room for the tree to fit in the center hole at the bottom of the star! See below: first round of stitches completed on the top half of the star, second round filling in on the bottom half of star.
  7. Secure end of yarn with a knot inside the star and cut.
  8. Stuff cotton batting into star, leaving some room for the tree top.
  9. Top your tree. Voila!

Happy Holidays!




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